Crowning Summaries

What is the soul?

Our body is composed of millions of molecules or trillions of atoms. We eat some mass everyday and discharge also some. So we can definitely argue that the atoms that I have now with my body was not with me a few years ago. To be safe, I can say, a few decade ago. The molecules of our body perhaps remain in a pseudo dynamic equilibrium (if the body weight remain constant). But my characters and emotions of a man perhaps remain the same. Everybody knows me as Saiful Amin. Then I wonder who is actually the Saiful Amin? There should be something called “Soul”, perhaps having no physical existence. It wiill get apart from me when I will exist no more in this world. My works and deeds will remain. My friends, neighbors and colleagues will remember me. I don’t know how and how long I will be remembered. It will depend on my deeds, past attitudes and behavior. Please forgive me, if I was wrong with anyone of you.
18 January 2010
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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