Honors, Awards & Grants


Technical Development to Upgrade Structural Integrity of Buildings in Densely Populated Urban Areas and Its Strategic Implementation towards Resilient Cities in Bangladesh was undertaken in this project. The project aimed to develop strategies for urban safety upgrading of Dhaka focusing on technical aspects and their implementation, new performance evaluation and retrofit schemes to avoid building collapse due to earthquake and also to find new approach to efficiently and effectively implement the schemes developed above.

JFe-BUET Project on Weathering Steel Research
Five year long field study was undertaken in close collaboration with JFE Engineering Corporation to study the applicability of weathring steel in bridge construction under the climatic condition of Bangladesh. Six field stations across Bangladesh were established to conduct the study with a view to arrive at solutions for future steel bridges at low life cycle cost.  

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Development of a macro model for representing the thermo-mechanical response of rubber bearings subjected to compression and shear deformation. 

German Academic Exchange Service
Constitutive modeling for strain-rate dependency in highly deformable solids

Committee for Advanced Studies and Research (CASR), BUET
Nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete shells using curved shell finite elements

Japanese Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture