Telecommunication Towers

Lattice Towers

Telecommunication sector is one of the fastest developing sector of Bangladesh, now linking no less than 50 million active subscribers wireless. In a flat riverine country like Bangladesh, the mobile telecommunication operators have chosen steel-lattice towers as a plausible option to mount antennas for the backbone network. The economy in lattice design is vital for mass production of the towers. In this backdrop, a number of designs for green field towers up to 90m in height and roof top towers up to 20m in height were either generated/checked for ensuring the capacity to sustain up to 200-260 kph wind speed (fastest mile).

Hybrid Tower

Checked and analyzed the design of Lattice-Tubular Hybrid Pole. The product was targeted to meet the following constraints e.g. reach a minimum height of 42 meters, sustain an average load of 6 nos GSM, 2 nos 1.2m MW and 2 nos 0.6m MW antennas, reduce BTS Site building time, reduce BTS Site building cost and reduce the land requirement. The Lattice-Tubular Hybrid Pole is a combination of a monopole and a lattice tower. A lattice tower of pre-defined height is placed on a monopole of the desired height. The tower is connected on top of the monopole by means of a flange plate.