Recycling of Demolished Concrete

Natural resources in Bangladesh are limited but anticipated pace of infrastructure development is quite fast. The changed development scenario of the country further indicates towards maximizing the land use through demolishing old low-rise structures with the high-rise ones. Recycling of demolished concrete can save the environment further by efficient and cost effective management of generated solid wastes.

We conduct Research and Development activities with the following objectives:

  • Obtain a reliable and cost effective method of producing aggregates from recycled concrete by using locally available indigenous technique.
  • Determine the fundamental material properties of recycled aggregates produced from stone aggregate concrete, brick aggregate concrete.
  • Development of mix design methodology for recycled aggregates.
  • Study the effect of discontinuous curing in concretes made of recycled aggregates.
  • Development of NDT correlations e.g. Rebound Number vs. Concrete Strength, Resistance to Penetration vs. Concrete Strengths for recycled aggregate concretes in Bangladesh context.