Crowning Summaries

Knowledgebase merges towards unity

Let us start with the fundamental relation of structural engineering:

where, k: stiffness, E: Modulus of elasticity, I: Moment of inertia of area, L: Linear dimension, delta: deflection, F: Force

In a structural design problem, the minimum force is usually defined by a code, usually decided by the owner or the laws of the country. The constitution of the country forms the codes to safeguard the interest of the citizens. Sometimes, the owner may choose to design the structure for a higher load. In the design process, the engineer usually limits the deflection by providing adequate stiffness, k. So actually, our domain of structural engineering evolves around fixing the stiffness value.

We know further:

What are the things we can play around in a design problem? Modulus of elasticity comes from material science. That is why we also need to study the physics and chemistry to address different issues. Moment of inertia of area is defines the cross section properties. We can design a column, circular or rectangular in cross section. We can vary the span (L) of the beam or column height or any other structural elements. In all these operations, we take the immense help of mathematics.

Then one can just wonder that the similar relation is even narrated in Hook’s law that we study in high school!

In fluid mechanics, we narrate the fluid flow in a closed conduit as:

An electrical engineer will write the equation about narrating the flow of electricity as:

and so on.

If the system that we are solving is quite large, perhaps you will need to solve a set of such above equations. We will impose the boundary conditions and assume that the system is in equilibrium. The process is identical for whether we solve flow problem in a network of pipes, truss analysis, frame analysis, electric circuit analysis or what else? We will then go to the mathematician to have a solution. He will help us in solving a system of linear equations! What else an engineer can do?

So, no wonder, the knowledge base that we deal around finally merges towards a unity. Perhaps there is one Creator who created all these systems in the universe at a single moment. So His creation is also a unique and structured.

Look at the nature,

perhaps you can understand structure and engineering better


How do you think about the structure, economy and construction technique of a spider’s nest? It carries the weight of the spider. How much the self weight of the nest itself? How about the trussed configuration that the spider has devised?

How do you think about a tree trunk creeping towards the sky? How do yo think the cross sectional change of a tree trunk with height? Or a tree branch spanning across a large area? Both are a class of structures supported at single point, no doubt. The cross section gets reduced gradually, almost nothing at the end and maximum at the support. How accurate the continuous variation of cross sectional area with span? Who designed all those in nature? We perhaps follow nature. We also design columns and attempt to reduce the section at the upper stories. Or reduce the cross section of a cantilever beam away from the support. Histories of the environment that a tree experienced in the past are sometimes read from the cross section of a tree log.

An orthopedics tells us that our knee joint takes half of our body weight when we stand on our feet. It takes nine times load when we rise up the stairs. Who designed it?

What is the soul?

Our body is composed of millions of molecules or trillions of atoms. We eat some mass everyday and discharge also some. So we can definitely argue that the atoms that I have now with my body was not with me a few years ago. To be safe, I can say, a few decade ago. The molecules of our body perhaps remain in a pseudo dynamic equilibrium (if the body weight remain constant). But my characters and emotions of a man perhaps remain the same. Everybody knows me as Saiful Amin. Then I wonder who is actually the Saiful Amin? There should be something called “Soul”, perhaps having no physical existence. It wiill get apart from me when I will exist no more in this world. My works and deeds will remain. My friends, neighbors and colleagues will remember me. I don’t know how and how long I will be remembered. It will depend on my deeds, past attitudes and behavior. Please forgive me, if I was wrong with anyone of you.