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+880-2-8616833 Extn. 7944 (off), 7751 (res)


Telecommunication Towers

Lattice Towers

Telecommunication sector is one of the fastest developing sector of Bangladesh, now linking no less than 50 million active subscribers wireless. In a flat riverine country like Bangladesh, the mobile telecommunication operators have chosen steel-lattice towers as a plausible option to mount antennas for the backbone network. The economy in lattice design is vital for mass production of the towers. In this backdrop, a number of designs for green field towers up to 90m in height and roof top towers up to 20m in height were either generated/checked for ensuring the capacity to sustain up to 200-260 kph wind speed (fastest mile).

Hybrid Tower

Checked and analyzed the design of Lattice-Tubular Hybrid Pole. The product was targeted to meet the following constraints e.g. reach a minimum height of 42 meters, sustain an average load of 6 nos GSM, 2 nos 1.2m MW and 2 nos 0.6m MW antennas, reduce BTS Site building time, reduce BTS Site building cost and reduce the land requirement. The Lattice-Tubular Hybrid Pole is a combination of a monopole and a lattice tower. A lattice tower of pre-defined height is placed on a monopole of the desired height. The tower is connected on top of the monopole by means of a flange plate.

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