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continuing or enduring forever; everlasting lasting an indefinitely long time


capable of being supported or upheld as by having its weight borne from below pertaining to a system that maintains its own viability by using techniques that allow for continual reuse


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+880-2-8616833 Extn. 7944 (off), 7751 (res)


Curing Behavior of Concrete

Concrete gains strength through hydration process. After casting of concrete, it is possible that water added during concrete mixing may evaporate, specially when the surface area of cast concrete is large and the humidity in atmosphere is low. We add additional water by ponding, spraying or else so that water loss is compensated and hydration can continue. Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to ensure continuous moist curing of cast concrete. What is the implication of discontinuous curing on strength attainment feature of concrete? We have seen that concretes made of coarse aggregates with higher porosity are less sensitive to discontinuous curing. The water contained within the pore space of coarse aggregate cures the cement paste at the aggregate boundary. Thus, for attaining the strength, brick aggregate concrete suffers a bit less than the stone aggregate concrete at the event of intermittent curing.

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