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+880-2-8616833 Extn. 7944 (off), 7751 (res)

About Me

Dr. A.F.M. Saiful Amin is a Professor of Civil Engineering whose fundamental contributions have resulted in major improvements in the design and performance of bridges, strengthening the noncompliant structures. Dr. Amin focuses especially on improving codes and standards and the construction quaity of civil engineering infrastructure.

His dedicated R&D teams have overseen the repair and retrofitting of structures, helping increase and preserve the structural soundness of many important buildings and remarkable bridges in Bangladesh. Specializing in the fields of structural engineering—particularly structural mechanics—and applied mechanics, Dr. Amin’s expertise also includes thermodynamics, thermo-physics and cement chemistry.

He is an important researcher from Bangladesh to contribute in the “Technical Development to Upgrade Structural Integrity of Buildings in Densely Populated Urban Areas and Its Strategic Implementation towards Resilient Cities” funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in SATREPS Project in collaboration with University of Tokyo, Tohuko University, Osaka University and Daido University. He is the appointed focal person to run the Academic and Student Exchange Program between BUET and Saitama University.

In recent years, Dr. Amin has conducted groundbreaking research in understanding the constitutive behaviour of highly deformable rubber-like solids with Japan and Europe, recycling of demolished and waste concrete in an efficient way and curing behaviour of concrete, as well as the development of measurement techniques, forensic investigation, non-destructive testing, bridge health monitoring and bridge dynamics for vehicular and pedestrian movement. Dr. Amin’s works appear and are being profusely cited in a wide range of influential international Journals.

Founding and nurturing the Bridge Engineering discipline in Bangladesh to assist her in sustainable infrastructure development, Dr. Amin has successfully organized conferences of Bridge Engineering at 5-year intervals since 2005. The most recent landmark conference—the IABSE-JSCE Conference on Advances in Bridge Engineering-III—held in Bangladesh in 2015, also celebrated the Centenary of Hardinge Bridge (1915-2015). He was the key facilitator from Bangladesh in signing a Memorandum of Understanding of Technical Cooperation between the two organizing bodies (JSCE and IEB) for formulating the Asian Model Code for Steel Bridges. In addition, Dr. Amin is an Editor for the Journal of Civil Engineering of the Institution of Engineers and helped with its online launch in 2006.

A respected Fellow with the Institution of Civil Engineers, United Kingdom (on presidential invitation) and Institution of Engineers in Bangladesh, Dr. Amin has studied, participated in research and conferences, received awards and grants, travelled and given lectures in many locations, including Germany, Japan, America, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, and Europe. Throughout many of these countries, Dr. Amin has personally examined bridges in his efforts to advance the knowledge of bridge engineering in Bangladesh.

In addition to his professorship at BUET, Dr. Amin has, since 2007, been a Research Fellow at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany. He has also held visiting professorships in 2004 at the University of Kassel (Germany) and in 2007 at the University of Federal Armed Forces, Munich (Germany).

After graduating from BUET in 1996 as a Civil Engineer and completing his MSc studies there in 1998, Dr. Amin completed his PhD at Saitama University in 2001. He has also received a doctoral research scholarship from the Government of Japan (Monbusho); Malik Akram Hossain Gold Medal 1996; University Merit Scholarships; F.R. Khan Scholarship, and many other honours. In June 2017, Japan Society of Civil Engineers honoured him in Tokyo with the prestigious JSCE International Outstanding Collaboration Award, the first person to receive from Bangladesh.

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